Small Business| Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

Small Business| Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

Being in a small business is never easy. You have to work hard for your business to increase not only in profit but also in terms of having satisfied clients. Being in a business is like having a series of networks wherein you will develop your skills in the manner that you will be expanding exponentially with the help of an SEO company like at whose main goal is to bring you from being a beginner to the point wherein you will become a well established business company.

A business that is making the most of the internet is surely getting a percentage of growing faster than those who don’t use the internet as a medium for business success. There are so many factors that your business can multiply in and that is why the use of social media is one way to communicate with people whom may have an interest. To increasingly guide your path towards a better business endeavor, here are few tips that you may learn while your SEO agent works hand in hand with you.

Creating a user-friendly website- if you are new in the business, having a website is very important wherein SEO will come in and play it role to traffic your website all throughout the internet. You will see a big difference when you start promoting your website. Through the use of SEO, it creates longer and shorter terms of benefits and this depends on how long are you going to use the SEO tools. Increasing your visibility and at the same time your audience with your website gives you the advantage of growing twice as much as you would expect. Choosing the right kind of business is very important as this will be the basis as why you have a website.

SEO word written on a puzzle piece

Would it be much greater if the more you increased, the more you will be having new customers? That would be a delight to see not only in growing in numbers but also in customers as well. With the help of an SEO company, you will be able to reach the highest ranking, and of course, the better the performance has a good return of investment. While you are on the top list, you are a target to most people who are looking for something and essentially you will have and gain more visits that can lead to new clients.

Exploring to new markets through the internet is definitely one of the fastest factors of a growing economy. If there is a successful campaign from your SEO this will find you new sets of markets and thus you will be exploring more in the new economy. Having platforms like the social media and through mobile marketing as well, can increase your traffic as the performance of the SEO can boost as being one of the top hits of the search engine. Optimizing your website is one way for you to have a better business future. This kind of strategy will surely bring you to a whole set of new experiences. You’d be amazed as to how your small business becomes one of the largest markets.

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How to have a Good and Empowering Brand in your Website

How to have a Good and Empowering Brand in your Website

Are you thinking of a better way to brand your own business? Are you having a hard time trying to make one brand that is really catchy and at the same time expresses the type of business that you are engaging to the public? Do you have an idea but you are not certain if you are doing the right thing to brand your own business? These are just a few questions in which most beginners in the business industry are asking. Most of these are the new and small businesses. It is important that what you want to do for a business is something that you’ve always wanted to do.

You must understand that a better brand communicates the type of company or product that you are representing. It is important that there is consistency in every aspect of your business. Since your business is still small, make sure that you do not jump from one idea to another as you will loose focus. Your website is your ticket towards a successful endorsement of your business. Having a web designer like at can truly give you a meaningful and more developed web design. A professionally designed website is not edited in a way that it looks like it has more design than its content.

Web Design Website Elements Red Template

A good website is like empowering your clients to be motivated as to what you are displaying. It should bring a positive message that will lead your clients to automatically think about the business that you want to impart to them. One way is to make a strategy as to how you will be able to make a difference towards your client’s interest. Make it to a point that you hint the brand to them through communicating the right message. For you to be able to maintain good communication, here are some helpful tips.

Having your own identity in communicating with your clients is for them to recognize the type of text content that you want them to remember, especially the brand that you are advertising as a platform. There are different way for you to express your identity as long as it coincides with the type of business that you are in. For an example if you handle a cooking business, your tags should be in line with business. Being informative is very essential as this is one of the foundations in communicating with your clients. Use sharp and on point images that are relevant to your business.


The design and layout of your website is very important. Creating your own logo for your brand is one way for people to recognize your company business. There is no need to be very fancy with your design as long as the content is fully explained in a manner that is visible and can be understood. Having this done by a professional will surely give you a rewarding outcome and the more people will follow and view your website as well.


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Digital Business Card – Connecting Clients with just One Click

Digital Business Card – Connecting Clients with just One Click


As this generation has become high-tech, most of the things now are becoming digital. Traditionally, if you are to write your loved ones a letter, it is via writing it on a paper with your handwriting that is possible to be received at least 1 month from when you had written it. As the world evolves, the simple handwriting piece of paper had become and e-mail where you just write it like on a digital paper and can be delivered just in a day. Until the simple e-mail has been improvised that now you can send  messages to each other via Apps.

In the matter of business, in order to share your information to your clients and prospectors, you need to give them your business card with your profile information written on it. On the card includes your address, mobile phone and/or company phone, the name of your company. But as 21st century have already arrived, and even still the traditional business card is still there, the mobile business card has become popular.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Like a simple handwritten letter to a mobile letter you call e-mail, a digital business card is a business card over online. It serves as your portfolio stating your information that can be accessed by your client or so.

And while Digital Business Card had become popular as 21st century continues and a lot of digital business card have been developed, a digital business card in the form of MBizCard was born.

Introduction of MBizCard – What is it?

Are you tired looking at your simple white background with a black text card? Do you want to have a change look? Then transform your business card into something techie that can change the looks according to your style and preferences that can mirror out your personality.

MBizCard is a digital mobile business card, a networking tool that helps you have an easy task to share information to your client and transactions. With countless of business cards with a simple black text with a white stock appearance that is sent off every single day, also MBizCard is here to help you transform how your card would look like.

Paying online

When did it start?

It started with the LinkedIn and mobile web app technology, MBizCard was developed by EBOSS GROUP or Efficient Back Office Support Services that believes that there is enough work for everyone if we learn how to work together. MBizCard concept was developed when a CEO was helping applicants search for a job in 2011. When they just started, they didn’t differ from other nameless mobile business cards, but as they go on, they have created a unique feature that helps us cope your needs as a business man like customizing your mobile business card from what fits your company. To see more about MzBizCard you can check

What’s good about Mobile/Digital Business Card

The Mobile Business Card was designed to be a tool to categorize your own mobile business card or your company to connect with your prospective clients. And with just one click, it will be able to make you share your information with your hundreds of clients without wasting your white stock platform with a black text on it.

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How to Grab New Clients: Promotional Merchandise.

Every year every business has events or mixers to either meet new customers, advertise their businesses to potential clients or simply to put their name out into the world. The events that companies take part of are an important part of getting their brand out there in the world and boosting sales. Sometimes one sale can be the bridging point between bankruptcy and success and that’s why merchandise matters.


Some of the biggest marketing opportunities each year take place at business exhibitions and stalled events. Places like Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre are packed to the rafters with companies of certain genres (ie weddings, baby related companies, sports etc). These companies hold open days for customers to come and view their products and to make sales. Promotional merchandise is key for events like these and businesses often have bags of loot! Branded pens, notebooks, calendars, free samples and leaflets with product price lists are stuffed into bags with company logos on them to hand out. Your products are usually on display for everyone to see even if they’re not anywhere near your stall; this is down to merchandise. You will also get a chance to see the sort of merchandise that other companies with similar goals to your own send out, giving your company ideas for the future exhibitions you will attend.

On the stall itself you should have mugs, bags, pens, posters and other small items like calendars and diaries that can be handed out for free. Sign-up sheets and information on what your company does on huge informative banners, pop up charts and definitely get printing table talkers. Not only will you have made sure you have vibrant and colourful banners up, you would have small bites of information about your brand which will invite questions from prospective customers. You can include ‘did you know..?’ questions as well as interesting facts and figures that can make you shine for new customers. They don’t take up much room and they generally come pre-creased so you can easily assemble them without taking too much time out during setting up your stall.

People turn up to exhibitions for loot, competitions and to get to know new brands that they may not have heard. People want deals, people want freebies and they want them from friendly, eye-catching businesses. Being confident in your brand is just as important as having the freebies laid out, even though chocolate is always good opener!

Goodie bags mean that people aren’t just seeing your company at the exhibition. Pens and notebooks last around the house for a long time so you basically have invested in some permanent exposure. Making your giveaway bags as chock full of information as you can is absolutely key. The more merchandise of variety you add, the more chance you have of further business from customers. While table talkers are something for the stall at an exhibition, sending away desk calendars, snow globes and even chocolate wrapped in personalised packaging is a good way to maintain exposure.


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Get the Most from Presentation Folder Printing

You can represent your company in the most excellent way using your presentation folder at events or seminars. The professional image you portray when introducing yourself and your company are what people remember you by. To that end, Bell Graphics do everything we can to assist you from start to finish and our website demonstrates all the services we offer, including presentation folder printing.


Here are some handy tips and tricks to get the best out of your printed presentation folder when at a business event:

  • Your presentation folder comes with a free business card slot; utilise it! Business cards and inserts from your business in the presentation folder can make the difference between a sale and having that folder thrown away. If you don’t maximise your opportunity to promote yourself in every way, you won’t be using the presentation folder to the fullest potential.
  • By creating your folder with inserts, you can swap out the information in the folder at trade shows and careers fairs to make them relevant to the consumer. For example, you want to promote yourself to students as well as adults, there may be different information required for each age group. You could have different print outs and being that your presentation folder is so handy and versatile you can quickly swap out inserts as you need them!
  • Knowing your customer is so key to the use of your printed presentation folder. You may want to promote all the correct information but if you’re aiming your content to the wrong age group then you have a problem! Tailoring your presentation folders to your customer can be the push you need for that extra sale.
  • You presentation folder can be created in any design you like. Bell Graphics like to listen to our customers’ needs and we are able to help you to create your artwork and vision. Whether you want the logo of your company on the outside or the inside we are able to do this for you and we recommend it! We don’t recommend putting contact details on a printed presentation folder purely because contact details can change.
  • When you hand out your folders, get customer information! Take down email addresses or telephone numbers and make sure you have a way to follow up. You can even cite your printed presentation folder when you follow up; maybe you used funky colours or text that would stand out. So if your customer doesn’t know your business name off hand, they may remember the bright orange presentation folder with the swirly green writing!
  • There is such a variety of folders that Bell Graphics can produce, you will never be without a good choice! We can ensure you have full constructed promotional presentation folders printed quickly and efficiently in time for your event.


Colours, texts and layouts really are important. You want that wow factor and we want to give it to you. Have a look at our website, get in touch with us and get a quote on your business needs. We are always here to help!

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Common Reasons Why People Immediately Leave Your Website

Common Reasons Why People Immediately Leave Your Website

  1. One of the most common reasons why most visitors of your website would leave is when they feel that they are from another planet or worst they would feel stupid since they do not understand the words that they are reading on your website. That is why as much as possible your landing page or also in any other pages of your site, it would not contain any jargons so that the users who will be reading it will be able to understand it, like users from different walks of life, the ones that has different comprehension levels and most of all, it would be understandable with all ages.
  2. Now another reason why first time users would not be coming back to your website after they are routed to your site is that the loading time that your page or pages would take to load. Remember, time is money therefore you should not take for granted the server times or how responsive your website is. Slow responding or loading time for a website would mean a lousy website since that will have the same logic with a technical support representative who gets to fix a very simple and common issue for an hour.
  3. Next reason is due to confusion to the users since they do not know where to go next. As a website designer or as the owner of the website you need to make sure that it would be easy enough for your users to navigate through your website, if possible make sure that important tabs in your site are highlighted so that users of your website will be able to notice it and the will know where to go or they will be guided where to go next.
  4. Then this is commonly one of the reasons why users would often leave a website right away is because your website or your landing page is overwhelming in the sense that there are so many pictures on it that they already think it’s disturbing or annoying since in web designing there is such a thing as too much. Also, even more with animations, like why would you have a lot of animations in your website, if your goals was to supposedly impress your users with a lot of animations on your site then that would just be the opposite, you are actually trying to kind of pushing away since they can’t take it.
  5. And most importantly as the website designer or as the owner, it is your responsibility that all the things that your website was supposed to do are all tested to make sure that the things that your site was supposed to do are functional. Also, another thing of testing your site a lot of times is to check the compatibility issues as well of your site from different platforms of the internet, like as expected your site should be viewable without any problem with visitors that are using their table, phone or desktop and most especially there should be no problem which browser they are going to use. Now if you are looking for great web designs then you need to check out

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Why is Digital Marketing Important in Your Business?

People nowadays are consuming so much digital data in a day to day basis such as with the use of gadgets like mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and more either at home or at work. This kind of analogue shifting has made it very influential among businessmen and if you are not yet into this experience you have to shift in a 360 dimension to be part in this level of happening. Even in the marketing strategies you need to jive in or else you will be left hanging. You must realize that it is a competitive world with regards to business marketing. You need to keep up your game to play and score in a manner that you are getting a good return of investment. For you to be able to do this your only option is to seek consult to experts with regards to digital marketing Digital Marketing simply means selling your products or your brand through the internet. Promoting is the key in advertising all over the world. Its communication is faster and versatile and practical. Consumers are more likely to appreciate what they see before they hear what it is about.

The importance of digital marketing is in congruence to people who are into business and are willing to spend budget just to achieve their business goals. Digital marketing is rapidly increasing and the demand of it has made many business people to do better than what they had in the previous. The purpose of marketing your business is to catch the interest of consumers through the use of another approach and that is the use of search engine optimization (SEO) This has entirely helped thousands of business people in terms of maximizing the numbers of their visitors to their website. This is to ensure that within a span of time you are on the top list of the search engine. There are a lot of means for you to reach your consumers of them of which is the famous social media network. Yes! Having your own community of people who love and like your business will surely want an update from you. Every now and then keep your communication constant as possible to a continuous business.


The future of marketing will surely be changed as the revolution of digital marketing and technology has evolve and is has also changed the style of advertising and communication. Making it easy and convenient for you and your consumers are laid out with the advance techniques which made more businesses to grow. The wider and tougher the competition in the business industry has become the more you should be idealistic and futuristic when it comes to planning in a strategic manner. Perhaps new approaches should be unlimited for your business to grow. With the help of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) your return of investment (ROI) will return to you in a hundred fold.


Perseverance and patience is the key towards a successful business. Things may not be as instant as it is with digital marketing and SEO. As long as you are in the right track of keeping your business growing you will see eventually how things has changed with your hard work.

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SEO Beginners Guide And Questions

SEO Beginners Guide And Questions

How does SEO works?

SEO supports your business and attract clients to view your webpage while you are focus in monitoring your business growth. They are the one who is in charge with the market strategy on how they will make your webpage on the top result in google. They are the one who will introduce your business to the public.

Will make your website visible and accessible to Google and other search engines when the clients make a research and hit one of your keywords your website will be on the top results.

Okay here’s what we will do try to open Google then search for any product or just anything. You will see the top related result, right? Those results that are on the first page even on the second page are using SEO. Because if you have website and you don’t have SEO no matter how attracting and inviting your webpage is online researchers will not discover it because it is at the last part of the google search result. Which researcher will not even bother check the last page of the search results.

Why use SEO?

SEO is important if you have website for your business so when the client made a research it is available on the first page of the search result. This is to make sure that your website can be accessed in any part of the world and available on the very first page of the search result. And your business will be introduce to different locations.


Private label SEO will make your campaign video and help you and give you some ideas on how you can brand your product. And there are so many marketing services that will offer you other services because SEO is just one of the steps that you need to follow to achieve the success you want for your business thru internet. You that today when you have business internet world place the most important role because as you know that the market you are looking for is on the internet surfing and search on the net.

When you want to get and hire an agency for your SEO service you have to make sure that they have wide knowledge about marketing plans and strategies and was already proven and tested in SEO world. As you know SEO is not only about the keywords that your potential viewers will enter but also on the content of your website.

We highly recommend you to make a brand design as it is the identity of your business and product. There are so many things that you need to learn and study before SEO. First is with your brand name, tagline, logo, and your web layout etc. You have to plan everything first most especially on how you will brand your product.

You need to think of something attractive something that will invite them to view your website. You have to do brainstorming together with your marketing agency.


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